Oh hey! I’m Molly Joy (Mojo), a graphic and web designer enjoying everyday life with my handsome husband and our almost-three-year-old son. I have a painfully thick Boston accent, I’m a huge fan of podcasts and ice cream with chocolate jimmies, and I like cross-stitching more than your Nana does.

When I was a kid and someone would ask me one of those standard questions adults always seem to ask… “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always answered “an artist.” Then, I grew up. And, forgot.

Lately, though, I find myself pondering that very same question. What is it that I want to be? I’m a happy wife, a grateful mother and a fulfilled graphic designer. These roles bring me joy every single day. But, I feel that pull to make and share art. I feel that little girl artist in me saying she wants out. And, she’s getting louder.

I started this blog in early 2014, a few months after becoming a new mom, as a place to share my thoughts on motherhood and pictures of my beautiful boy. But, as so many bloggers do, I lost interest. I had less to say. I got tired of lugging around my fancy camera just so I could take pictures for my next post. So, just as we all change year by year, I’m changing the focus of this blog. I see it evolving into a place I can share my creative work, my attempt at illustrations, my clip art sets I sell on Etsy. I’m thankful to feel this recent burst of inspiration and I’m excited as I enter this new season over here at Everyday Mojo.